What are Navigation Trials?

Navigation Trials are as much a test of map reading and direction finding skills as they are competition driving. They are a relatively cheap form of Motorsport and are fantastic fun! Each competing car carries two people (the crew) consisting of a driver and a navigator. At the start of the event competitors are given a list of grid references from which they must work out the prescribed route, which can be anything from 96 to 224 kilometers in length. The crew must then travel the route adhering to a strict average speed limit of 48kph for the entire event. Along the route, there are manned time controls where you must check in. Penalties can be gained for various reasons such as arriving early or late at the controls, or for approaching from or departing in the wrong direction. The purpose of the exercise is to complete the entire route, maintaining the average speed and picking up as few penalties as possible. Night Navigation Trials take place under cover of darkness. It has often been stated that a brilliant navigator in a well driven Morris Minor will succeed where a poor navigator in a fast car will fail. As speed is not the deciding factor of this sport, you may in fact compete in any standard road car.

Navigation Trials


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